FOI Assist founder Justin Petrillo at the AMCTO Spring 2022 Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Welcome to the FOI AssistTM Knowledge Base. This website is intended mainly for provincial and municipal institutions located in Ontario, Canada who are looking for information on how to manage and respond to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

The most recent articles are listed below.  To see a complete list of articles, check out the Articles page.

I recommend new readers start here: Announcing the release of the FOI Assist software, which explains how the FOI AssistTM software can help your institution track and respond to FOI requests in full compliance with applicable legislation, directives and guidance. You can also book a demonstration of the FOI Assist software.

Popular FOI Assist Knowledge Base articles include: When is labour and employment information exempt from disclosure?, Exemptions vs. Exclusions: What is the difference? and An Introduction to Freedom of Information.

I also recommend the FOI Request Process Flowchart, an innovative visual aid which lays out a step-by-step process for responding to an access request under Ontario’s FIPPA and MFIPPA. If you are located in Canada, I would be happy to send you a poster-sized copy of the FOI Request Process Flowchart free of charge.

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