The Affected Person Process

The affected person process is one of the most important and visible ways that FIPPA and MFIPPA balance the public’s right of access against the rights of individuals and organizations to prevent the disclosure of their personal and confidential information.  Other names for the process include the “notice to affected person” process, “third party notice” process, the “affected third party” process, and the “affected third person” process.

An introduction to Freedom Of Information

Up to this point I’ve written many articles on the “finer points” of responding to Freedom Of Information (FOI) requests.  But today I would like to present an article addressed to all of those people who are just starting out as an FOI professional – who might appreciate

FOI In The News: Government rejects Senate changes to ATIA; “culture of secrecy” and more

The Senate proposed giving the Federal Privacy Commissioner the ability to have access decisions certified by the Federal Court of Canada (thereby becoming legally enforceable) if the government ignores the initial decision or refuses to comply.  The Senate also proposed banning the use of “code words” to describe individuals or government entities as a means of evading access-to-information requests.