FOI In The News: Government rejects Senate changes to ATIA; “culture of secrecy” and more

The Senate proposed giving the Federal Privacy Commissioner the ability to have access decisions certified by the Federal Court of Canada (thereby becoming legally enforceable) if the government ignores the initial decision or refuses to comply.  The Senate also proposed banning the use of “code words” to describe individuals or government entities as a means of evading access-to-information requests.

FOI In The News (May 8, 2019)

Globe & Mail: Canada’s information czar says lack of stable funding ties her hands Jim Bronskill, May 1, 2019 Federal information commissioner Caroline Maynard warns that financial uncertainty is making it impossible for her office to set goals and maintain momentum.  The Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada handles complaints from Canadians who haveContinue reading “FOI In The News (May 8, 2019)”

FOI In The News (April 23, 2019)

CBC News: Overburdened public bodies seek fees, restrictions on freedom of information requests Ian Froese, April 11, 2019 In Manitoba, there is currently no charge to apply for access to records, and requestors are allotted two free hours for search and preparation time.  As part of a review of Manitoba’s Freedom of Information and ProtectionContinue reading “FOI In The News (April 23, 2019)”