Update: FOI Flowcharts have been sent (copies are still available)

If you requested a poster-sized printed copy of the FOI Flowchart, it has now been sent.  Keep an eye on your incoming mail, as the posters will be arriving shortly.  If you are an FOI professional in Ontario and you haven’t seen the FOI Flowchart yet, I suggest taking a look.  It is available forContinue reading “Update: FOI Flowcharts have been sent (copies are still available)”

Leave no paper trail?

“Family minister’s foster care review instructions leave no paper trail” Katie Nicholson, Joanne Levasseur · CBC News · Posted: Feb 20, 2019 4:00 AM CT The article above appeared on the CBC website just this morning.  I think it offers an important lesson to institutions who may be tempted to avoid keeping appropriate written records as a way of limiting theirContinue reading “Leave no paper trail?”

A response to The Toronto Star (and to “FOI reform” articles in general)

News organizations such as The Toronto Star rely on the FOI process to obtain information from government institutions including at the municipal and provincial level. A few times a year, presumably out of frustration with the process, The Star will use their pages to complain about the state of the system — the delays, theContinue reading “A response to The Toronto Star (and to “FOI reform” articles in general)”