Receiving an FOI Request from a Lawyer

When you have received a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request from a lawyer, there are a few things to consider: Is your organization obligated to respond to FOI requests? An earlier article, Do I have to respond to a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request?, may help you answer this question.  Keep in mind this guidance applies onlyContinue reading “Receiving an FOI Request from a Lawyer”

Requests for Personal Information with the Consent of the Individual

Institutions are sometimes faced with a request from someone who purports to be acting on behalf or with the consent of the individual whose personal information is being requested.  The requestor in this case may be a lawyer, insurance company, or agent, or it may simply be a friend a relative who is helping theContinue reading “Requests for Personal Information with the Consent of the Individual”

Verifying the Identity of the Requestor

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Manual (the “FOI Manual”) notes that when a requestor asks an institution for the requestor’s own personal information, the institution must first verify the identity of the requestor before any personal information is disclosed.  The FOI Manual suggests that an institution may be able to fulfill theContinue reading “Verifying the Identity of the Requestor”