Are Body-Worn Camera Recordings “Labour and Employment” Records?

There is currently an appeal underway before the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPCO) which raises an important issue relating to body-worn camera footage and which may have greater implications over how we apply exemptions and exclusions to records in general. As reported by Tom Cardozo and Robyn Doolittle in the Globe & Mail,Continue reading “Are Body-Worn Camera Recordings “Labour and Employment” Records?”

New Features: Email Notifications and Time Tracking

I am pleased to announce that two frequently-requested features have just been added to the FOI Assist software: Email Notifications and Time Tracking.
Read today’s FOI Assist Knowledge Base article to learn more.

Annual Statistical Report is due March 31

If your institution is in Ontario, responds to freedom of information requests, and is not a federal agency or otherwise regulated by the access-to-information framework under the federal Access to Information Act, you have an obligation to file a statistical report every year with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPCO).

Can a requestor refuse to provide their name?

What should an institution do when a requestor has not provided their name, and refuses to do so when asked? Does the institution still have an obligation to process the FOI request, even without knowing who the request is coming from?