Multi-Factor Authentication is now supported

I am pleased to announce that the FOI Assist software now supports Multi-Factor Authenticaion (MFA). This has been a highly requested feature in 2022, as institutions prioritize IT security and demonstrate increasing sophistication in their use of cloud-based services.

“Access Delayed, Access Denied”

Freedom of Information (FOI) was the subject of a cover story in the Globe and Mail this morning. Under the cover heading “Access Delayed, Access Denied”, a reference to the famous legal maxim “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”, Globe journalists and FOI veterans Tom Cardoso and Robyn Doolittle report on the delays currently plaging Canada’s freedom of information systems, with a special spotlight on the strained federal system.

The Absurd Result Principle

It was a privilege to speak last week to all of the attendees of the Freedom of Information Police Network (FOIPN) Fall Conference at the Belleville Police Service Headquarters in Belleville, Ontario.

I was asked to deliver a presentation on the Absurd Result Principle, a legal principle with a long history in the Canadian and English legal systems.